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. >> including one that happened just last friday. german woman survived that encounter. well, back hear. u.s. coast guard rescued a kayaker today in the bay. coast guard provided this video.
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24-year-old man was complaining of stomach pain and dehydratio dehydration. he was hoisted aboard a jay hawk helicopter and flown to medical personnel waiting in a nearby boat launch to treat him. the coast guard advises kayaker to wear life jackets. file float plans so someone knows where you are, and take marine radio with you so you can call for help if you get into trouble. cell phones can lose the signal and run out of power. >> well a shock for rescue crews certainly who thought they were on a recovery mission after a tugboat capsized. >> all right. alive alive okay. >> watch this you are seeing the sole survivor grasping at divers. this is just released you tube video of the rescue back i may. the boats chef survived 62 hours in an air pocket. imagine what was going through this man's mind during that time. the only member of the crew to survive. when he surfaced, he was in good
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conspire and said he thought he had only been trapped for about 12 hours. he didn't realize 62 hours, nearly three days had passed. that's unbelievable. >> well we have a lot more ahead for you on 7 news at 9:00 rate here. stay with us. was this a manic monday for on line retailers? how cybersales are shaping up. and so what are people buying any way. look at the top gift flying off the shelves so far this holiday season. >> and to catch a thief. who nabbed that expensive camera and dropped it 70 miles away? >> and then unwittingly took a
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>> this cybermonday is well on its way to biggest ever. on line sales up 17 percent today from last year and 20 percent of us were using tablets and smart phones. the best selling items today? apple i-pad and 50 inch television set. after all these years the barbie doll dream house selling strong at wal-mart. big day for
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cybermonday. black friday sales for the weekend actually a little bit down in terms of the brick and mortar sales. >> a lot of us will be searching on line for holiday sales taking advantage of cybermonday deals. i'll wait until i get home tonight. you may have more time however than you think to get those discounts. you don't necessarily have to rush in today. business technology reporter david louie story. >> the discounts alone catch your eye especially ones as high as 50%. but the cybermonday count did you know clock is sure to get your adrenalin pumping as the deals come to an end. >> are you motivated by the 20, 30 percent deals they put on line. >> absolutely. savings is savings. >>reporter: however some on line retailers are extending cybermonday through wednesday. and maybe you won't notice the fine print if shopping on smaller screen. there is a big shift since thanksgiving to mobile devices. >> we saw mobile traffic for on line sales hit 40 percent over 40 percent for the first time driving at 23 percent on line
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sales but the traffic was representative of how consumers are shochlingt just part of the day-to-day. >> on line sales so far this cybermonday up almost 19 percent compared to a year ago and mobile use is up 62 percent versus last year. on lane shoppers are discovering they don't have to go to the mall to get black friday specials. they are also offered on line. adam just bought his wife a watch this cybermonday what kind of discount did you get? >> about 40 percent. so yes. >>reporter: you are happy with that. >> yes. yes. it was good deal. >>reporter: so there are good deals on line. >> absolutely. >>reporter: once the orders placed race on to ship the orders. palo alto base ship wire is a global order fulfillment operation with 7 warehouses around the world. this is video provided by ship wire of the los angeles facility. more than 1,000 people handling on line sales for ebay amazon and other web retailers. >> our software network delivers the orders logically to the warehouses and then pick
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pack shipped from the warehouse put on truck and postal truck and deliver to the end buyer so they get tonight 1 to 2 days. >>reporter: over 2 billion dollars in sales expected to occur on cybermonday. one of the big losers could be the state of california. which estimates it loses about 1 billion dollars in use tax from his on line sales. that could pay for 11,000 teachers or 7000 police officers. in palo alto, david louie abc 7 news. >> teenager whose skirt set on fire returned to school today. sasha of oakland wac the victim of hate crime and while recovering from some severe burns sasha talked about wanting nothing more than than to return to ask and back studying and back with friends. 7 news reporter lee ann has that story. >>reporter: 4 week after being attacked on a bus, 18-year-old sasha fleishman returned to school. there were no celebrations today. just a low key welcome. last thursday sasha talked about being away
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from school. >> i missed school. and i missed going to class. i missed if being with my friends every day. >>reporter: sasha's mother was excited about this moment. >> i'm great. i'm thrilled. i'm happy that they are back and i hope that they will be able to get back that the swing of studying. >>reporter: month ago sasha was on board an ac transit bus. had fallen asleep when police say a 16-year-old boy set sasha's skirt on for. he was arrested and charged as an adult. sasha will have to wear leg bandages for some time. >> i can't walk as fast and i need to be more careful physically. >>reporter: what happened to sasha put light on what it means to be a big agender person. >> big responsibility to be the representative of the whole
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non-binary gender community. >>reporter: the director of may beck high school says it's a fitting role for sasha. >> i think we are all interested in educating the greater community worldwide. that tolerance is extremely important. >>reporter: sasha left school today accompanied by some friends who have supported the teenager throughout these difficult moments. in berkele berkeley, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> well i hope you had a chance to spend a little time out doors today because it was absolutely stunning as it has been for daisy but if you go out in the next couple days wear a park a. >> please do. >> really cold. >> carry a space heater with you. it's going to get very cold especially during the over nature early morning hours. i have my space heater. here's live doppler 7hd. we have partly cloudy to mainly clear skies at the moment. cold front will be pushing through tonight and snot going to bring
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us anything but colder weather but it is going to bring winter lake weather over to the sierra where winter weather advisory in effect for the central sierra beginning at midnight continue until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and above 6000 feet 3 to 6 inches of snow in the central sierra. this is a winter like system for sure. here's embarcadero center at abc 7 under mainly mostly clear skies right now. temperatures in the low to mid 50's at san francisco oakland redwood city san jose los gatos and a half moon by and life view at sfo. few clouds there. not a lot of cloud cover. temperature readings in the 50's. mainly mid 50's from santa rose to napa no have the 0fairfield concord and livermore. on to one final live picture from our east bay camera emeryville back across the bay bridge. these are forecast feature just the slightest chance of showers tonight. much colder pattern will be with us for the rest of the week and freeze watch begins tuesday night tomorrow night that wednesday morning. here's satellite image showing you that cold front diving down
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from our north. bringing with it a little bit of shower activity although we have only a very slight chance of seeing a shower here overnight. big change coming our way of course is the pool of cold air that will be descending behind the cold front that brings us sharply different temperature, or weather pattern from what we have seen the last couple week. let's start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we see increasing clouds and maybe a spotty shower or 2 mav through the area but that will mostly clear out quickly. giving us sunny skies tomorrow. much cooler daytime weather certainly much colder overnight weather for the next several days than we have scene of fact just give you an idea of how cold it is in the inland area this is the 7 day low temperature range for santa rosa. notice wednesday morning low of 29 at santa rosa. thursday morning low of 24. leof 30 on friday morning. then the next 3 mornings temperatures will hover at freezing at 32 degrees and one degree on either side. we see that sort of pattern inland valley location over the next
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few mornings. overnight tonight not terribly cold a little cool in some spots. low generally in the low mid 40's and then tomorrow after some early morning clouds and maybe a passing shower or 2, we see mainly sunny skies in the afternoon. high pressure just reaching that the mid 50's around the bay and inland location so sharply cooler pattern certainly in the last couple weeks. here's the 7 difficult forecast. it's freezing cold in the north bay valley and north bay location wednesday morning. temperatures down below freezinging level and the morning freeze will extend thursday morning to all parts of the bay area with low dropping that the low 20's in some of the inland valley and daytime high reach only in the low 50's on thursday. that's at the most we get more includes on friday chance of rain partly cloudy saturday an chance of rain again on sunday monday. this is more like what you expect in wirpt than what we have seen the last couple weeks. >> definitely a change. >> absolutely. >> snickering at news buffalo. >> yes they are. this is like
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balmy weather in buffalo. >> bikini weather there. i'll get on shark tank with that portable personal space heater concept. i like that. >> wouldn't that be cool. >> might sell a few especially in the next couple day snas all right. thanks spencer. >> when is the chimpanzee a person? that is the question. also why
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to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> all right. great video. wild life rangers in australia have solved the mystery of missing videocamera after it recorded the unusual thief in action. watch this. this is fascinating footage ri. camera recorded after it was stolen by a bird. the sea eagle carried
9:26 pm
the camera about 70 miles before dropping it then watch this. even posed for a selfy there. hello. camera was originally set up to record crocodiles. ranger plan to bolt down the camera from now on. maybe the sea eagle getting into social media. needs a camera. >> well in new york. advocate group asking a judge to have a chimp declared a legal person. tommy 26 years old the non-human rights project says he's living in small dark cement cage in upstate new yor york. the group says that based on law science and history tommy has all the rights of habeas corpus and therefore deserves to be brought before a judge and released. tommy is owned by a couple in the small town of glovrsville so farther not commenting. monkey see monkey sue. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 moments away. >> really close with my frep. i'm devastated. comes in wave
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waves. >> actor paul walker father talks about his son impact on others. as investigators look into the fiery crash that killed the actor and his frien friend. >> also niners qb kaepernick muscle his way that the hearts of kids at ronald mcdonald house. that's our reporter sharing a moment with him. she has the story. >> america epidemic of twins
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>> from the event recorders shows that the train was traveling at approximately 82 miles per hour. as it wept into a 30 miles an hour curve. >> that's the ntsb talking about this weekend train accident in new york that killed 4 people and injured 75
9:31 pm
others. investigators say the train brake did not fully engage until 5 seconds beforehand. just too late. they say it's too early to tell whether human error is to blame but investigators have confiscated the phone of the train operator to see if any phones or text were made at the time of the derail many. >> shrine to actor paul walker is growing on the spot where he died this weekend. but it is also the scene of an investigation. there are troubling questions about what caused this accident that took walker life especially with his friend professional race car driver at the wheel. abc news reporter cecelia vega has more now from valencia. >> not time. >>reporter: he's the actor >>reportzlqq&. and those movier good looks. but it was paul walker role in the fast furious blockbuster that catapulted him to fame. police still do not know exactly what caused
9:32 pm
saturday crash that killed walker and the driver his friend pro raiser roger rode but today authorities revealed this. the car they were in was going very fast. and now police are looking for surveillance video for clue. this is something else authorities are looking into. skid marks like these to find out if they came from the car paul walker was in or from someone else on this road known for fast driving. that car they were in a porsche gt one of the fastest out there. it says for more than 400,000 dollars. goes from zero to 125 . and can reach 205 miles per hour. auto week magazine says even professional drivers call it scary to handle. just watch the car show driving on race track. >> need to be awake to drive this. >>reporter: porsche says it's cooperating with the investigation. as fast and furious fans continue to flock to the crash site, walker
9:33 pm
family grieves. >> we lost a spirit. lost a person that had he a way about him. the i'm devastated. >>reporter: all morning the loss of an actor who loved fast cars. on and off the big screen. this is abc news, valencia, california. >> 750,000 and counting. that is how many visitors the white house says have been seen the government health web site by late today. some people are experiencing delays still but the white house says those users are being placed in an on line waiting room hoping that they will stick around until speedy service returns. in the mean time supreme court today turned away a christian university attempt to over turn the key part of the administration's health care law. liberty university challenged the portion of the law that the requires most employers to provide health insurance to their workers or pay a fine. this case was one
9:34 pm
of the biggest remaining legal cases against the health care law. >> mean time president obama announced new 100 million dollar initiative today to help find a cure for hiv. the president made announcement at the white house to mark world aids day which was yesterday. the money will good to the national institute of mental health health. the president says the u.s. should be at the forefront of discovery to eliminate hiv or put it into remission without requiring life long therapy. >> those of you who live through it remember all too well the fear and the stigma and how hard people with hiv had to fight to be seen or heard or to be treated with basic compassion. >>reporter: white house marked world aids day by hang ago giant red ribbon between column in the north port could. the president also announced that the u.s. has surpassed the ambitious goal he set last year to support 6 million people around the globe in getting
9:35 pm
access to anti-retro-viral dru drug. >> doctors reporting epidemic of very different kind of twins. the center for disease control and prevention says that 46 percent of all babies born with advanced fertility help with multiple birth. vast majority twins. more than hal half. 37 percent are born premature. only 3 percent of pwebs born without fertility help are twins and about 12 percent are pre-term. this issue group like the american society for reproductive medicine calling for the use of only embryo at at a time during fertility treatment that's what is done in europe where twin birth are considerably lower. >> well, 'tis the season for sharing of course and today the forty-niner superstar quarterback exactly that for family at the san francisco ronald mcdonald house. carolyn tyler was there as well.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: he was dressed in red brought a big gift but it wasn't st. nick. it was kaepernick. >> i think there's something special about kids that is very up lifting to everyone. you spend time around them. you see really how pure hearted kids are. >>reporter: 49er quarterback kaepernick paid surprise visit to san francisco ronald mcdonald house. and gave them an f box 1. it's a home away from home for family whose children are receiving treatment at the nearby ucsf hospital. ronald butler his wife and 2 kids from reno are staying here. free of charge. while 16 month old flynn under goes surgery. >> it's been wonderful. having our kids here we couldn't have done it without these people. really couldn't. >>reporter: more than 4000 family have lived at the ronald mcdonald house. >> we come from far away. from hawaii. from maui we really don't have many family here. to help us out but ronald
9:37 pm
mcdonald is the best family for us. >>reporter: and now kaepernick is part of the family. he's behind mcdonald x becomes 1 prosecute motion and used it today to lift the spirits of stressed out parents and worried children. he says he remembers as a kid having people lack out for him. >> so it's another way to give back and help family. >>reporter: another ronald mcdonald house being built in san francisco that will triple the size of this 10 bedroom home. kaepernick appearance today might help. >> it will bring some attention to the campaign and we hope that people will hear about it and look into their hearts to donate to the house. >> happy holiday. >>reporter: in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> very cool. well just time for dinner. up next. healthy hot meal that can be delivered to you at the touch of button on your i-phone or
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eat healthy but now local company is out to change that and give us a better option. starting tonight a new delivery service is promising cheap healthy meals delivered across much of san francisco within just minutes. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains how they do that. >> steven c works long hours at start up. that means no stopping for dinner. few week ago this would have been pizza but now. >> some chicken with sauce. >> stuffing his face with something that's healthy. >> nothing oily or over cooked or anything like that. >>reporter: just so happens steven shares an office with sprig and he's one of the first customers. sprig is dinner on demand. it's an i-phone app
9:42 pm
where you push button and healthy meal shows up in 20 minutes. magic doesn't start when you push the button started hours earlier when they took a vacuum seal bag of ingredient that a steaming hot bath of water in order to change the way the food gets to you they change the way they cook it. >> vacuum sealer. >>reporter: nate is skawv chef he learned to do this when executive chef at google. >> cooked for incredibly large amounts of people and yet keep the quality the same would you find in a restaurant. >>reporter: sprig cooked almost everything under vacuum pressure keeps the moisture flavor locked in so they don't have to have it with sauce and cook it almost all the way it. >> last bit of cooking happens right when you order hot fresh out the door in two to 3 minutes quicker than pizza with a lot less fat. >> we don't use a lot of extra butter. make sure we don't the very salt and sugar. >>reporter: ceo says he found
9:43 pm
sprig solved the problem he ha had. >> come home from work. tired. i don't particularly always have time to cook and i wanted healthier option. >>reporter: never mind the local seasonal produce and indicative menu. most proud of the price. 10 dollars. 2 dollar delivery charge. only in san francisco now east of golden gate park and only monday through thursday 6 to 9:30. it will grow fast with review like this. >> food is delicious. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the pretty good doesn't it. >> it is ground zero in the effort to help the needy in the east bay. just ahead. the staggering amount of food that makes its way through the alameda county
9:44 pm
for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone.
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christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. [[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block.
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we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] >> here is a really stunning
9:47 pm
figure. 1 in 6 people living rate here in the bay area affluent bay area not sure where they are going to get the next meal. 1 in 6. that issue pwments even more dire of course during the holiday season. spencer is back now with more on really a big effort at the station make to go help. >> that's right. we have been doing this many years. twoond year we team up with bay area have had bank to feed more than 600,000 people they serve each month. so give where you live food drive starting east bay and alameda county community food bank. ♪ every dollar that is donated we turn in 4 dollars worth of food because we buy it in such massive quantity. >> special tour for special client atal mead county community food bank warehouse in oakland. first stop for nearly 27 million pounds of food donated or purchased each year for the nearly 49,000
9:48 pm
alameda county residents it nooedz feeds each week. >> i need the food bank to help me with the fresh fruit that i can not purchase. the vegetables that i can not purchase. l canned goods they are very expensive in stores. >>reporter: 62-year-old louise white suffered a stroke 2 years ago. oakland grandmother says her disability check are not enough to feed her 12 grandkids 2 great grandchildren and foster daughter. >> i would be out of food. i have gone without food. >>reporter: 4 years ago she asked the food bank for help. >> i go to the different churches and pantry areas and i pick up the fresh fruit and vegetables and sometimes they have other things. like egg. and grit. that helps me to feed my family. >>reporter: this bank distributes food through 275 community organizations lake churches, senior centers and designated pantry across alameda county. >> i am great fuchlt i
9:49 pm
appreciate them opening up to our community and letting us go into different spaces and giving us the food. >>reporter: made possible by the people who donate money food and time each year. >> really good to give because you never know when you may in that person's shoes. you never know when you are going to wake up and be impacted by theless of a job or loss of home. >> i am so thankful that god put a place like the food bank in my life. >> what a story. we will be reporting live from various food bank locations this hotel difficult season. meat will you he's and her family tomorrow at bay street shopping center in emeryville during the 4 5, 6:00 p.m. newscast bring some food bring some cash or bring a check we accept it all and visit slash abc 7 news to do some good and get a chance at winning 7000 dollars. now let's look on the winning weather forecast starting with live doppler 7hd.
9:50 pm
partly cloudy mainly clear skies right now. things are going to change. we have a freeze watch in effect for large portion of the by area tuesday night and over into wednesday morning for the entire north bay. the straits and delta and beyond. sub freezing temperature well below freezing in those locations there's possibility of damage to plants and exposed pipes and that freezing watch will extend to the entire bay area the following overnight thursday morning. okay. state wide tomorrow look for winter lack weather. snow in the sierra. rain drifting south ward into the interior section of the state. here in the bay area after partly cloudy morning start we see mainly sunny skies in the afternoon but cool with high pressure only in the 50's and speaking of weather conditions tomorrow, in the afternoon over emeryville reporting live 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon sunny 55 degrees but the sun set at and 51 sharply cooler after. that here's the 7 difficult forecast chilly morning cold mornings wednesday thursday then friday we have clouds chance of rain and that unsettled chance of
9:51 pm
rain with us through the weekend into monday. >> all right but tomorrow is a big day. >> big day. >> come on over. >> thanks very much. >> larry off mike is here with all the sports tonight. and a lot of stuff to talk about including a strange tackle. >> these true. and 49ers of course no time to gloat with the win over the ram as top dog in the nfc west and nfc and seahawks coming to town on sunday and saint the saints home hoyching. highlights home hoyching. highlights coming up next.
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a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >> coming up tonight at 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. emergency meeting to address bullying. you are going to hear from the young transgender student involved in this fight east bay high school. why she says administrators knew there was a problem but did not do enough to stop it. >> and could your own blood be the key to fighting hair loss. strange new treatment usually reserved for injured sports stars now sprouting up at
9:55 pm
immediate spa everywhere. we have that story and more coming up at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. . >> both of them. >> big match up tonight. >> oh, yes. >> monday night football. a lot of hype. >> 49ers were watching. any question who the top dog in the nfc answered in seattle. seahawks just manhandled the saints privy to 11 and 1 tuning up for sunday game here against the niners. seattle hasn't lost in 14 games dating become to last year. that's right. weren't about to do so on monday night. drew right into the arms. 22 yards to the house. 10 nothing seahawks midway through the first quarter not done. still in the first. hawks had 7 more. wilson. former raider miller seahawks up 27-7 at the half. going writ they go right. off the hands of davis into the arms of coleman. seahawks clutch play off spot are you kidding me already. 34-7 the final improving to 11 and 1.
9:56 pm
>> you never hear the guys we won't get in the may offs. that's not the goal we set. we want to win the division it gives us a chance to play at home. that's what we are afte after. then talk about what comes next. so that's why this is such a huge week coming up. we go after with everything we have. it's another championship match up and give it everything. and see if we can get it done. >> all right. forty-niner tight end davis making news today. not for hurdling over defender for a touch down but for what we are calling the tackle. ram mcdonald drag davis down in third quarter. he's pulling vernon down in the crotch area. not intentional. he stayed on the ground after wards to make sure he was coon of all there but returned to action now this gives new meaning to the world pulled groin. vernon had the thoughts today in a since deleted tweet. it should be a league rule saying defender can not tackally player by his well general tell. most panful thing ever. former player i
9:57 pm
would agree i don't think i have ever seen that happen. i talk with vernon earlier today and he is fine. now the frai frainer offense had one of the better outings yesterday and part of the reason was to return king crab michael crabtree. only 2 reception but threat of the presence took double team away but davis and bolden. 9 reception. vernon caught 50th career touch down pass. and for kaepernick he threw for 275 yards. >> caught collin did very effective job of doing it in the game. receivers were catching the ball getting open. it was a very it was a good day the passing game. lick my dad was asking why do you run the ball better at the end of the game. i get it from my dad too. >> still get it from our dads. all right. to college rank stanford hosted by arizona state saturday pack 12 title game. winner to pasadena. asu head coach named pack 12 coach of the year today. stanford looking for second straight in
9:58 pm
the rose bowl and reason they are in the position running back tyler he run for 1485 yards this year. 17 touch downs after missing last season while he played minor league baseball. it would be a great ending to his career at stanford. >> i have never been to the rose bowl so yes. this is i was a fan. i watched. it looked like incredible place to play. and to be a part of that as fan was unreal. i can't wait. not to speak ahead but i would love to be a part of that. >> mane while usc hired steve as new head football coach. resigned today after being offered an assistant job with the trojan. steve a former assistant at usc spent last 5 years at washington where had he a 34-29 record including 8 and 4 this season. >> college hoop. cal hosting uc irvine first half. wallace manufacture around the defender and finance wish huge dunk worth another look. ridiculou
9:59 pm
ridiculous. around the back. come on. led by 16 at the hal half. then in the second freshman bird getting serious air for the one handed finish. he had 14 and david leading with 19 point 10 board awkward shot but bounce ins and cal goes on to win 73-56. basebal baseball. a's agreed to terms on 2 year 22 million dollar contract with left handed pitcher scott with pending passed physical. we was cleveland and will fill the final spot in the starting rotation meaning 40-year-old cologne too expensive and done with the a and traded golf wokes and more at 11:00. >> all right. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20 for spencer and all of us, i'm dan ashley thanks for watching we appreciate your time as always. 7 news continues now on line on twitter face back all the mobile device was our new abc 7 mobile device was our new abc 7 news
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